HV088- Scene of the Crime

Dragnet's Jack Webb with LA Police badgeHearing Voices from NPR®
088 Scene of the Crime: Victims, Cops, and Criminals
Host: Jake Warga of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2011-04-13 (Originally: 2010-03-31)

“Scene of the Crime” (52:00 mp3):

There will be blood:

“Weegee interview” (3:04 excerpt) Mary Margaret McBride

An archival interview with 1950s NYC crime scene photographer, Arthur Fellig (1899-1968), aka, Weegee. SoundPortraits has more of this July 1945 interview by nationally-syndicated talk show host Mary Margaret McBride (WEAF-New York City). (Music: “Angel of Solitude” by Alias.)

“The Bad Little Babe” (3:34 excerpt) Casey, Crime Photographer

Casey (no first name ever revealed) was crime photographer for the fictional Morning Express newspaper. He and reporter Ann Williams snapped shots, tracked criminals, and solved crimes. This excerpt from episode 330 (of a total 431) of the popular half-hour mystery-adventure series aired 1950-03-02.

“The Panama Hat” (2:17 excerpt) The Adventures of Philip Marlowe

A short clip from the third episode (1948-10-10) of this NBC show, starring Van Heflin with a script by Milton Geiger based on the stories of Raymond Chandler.

“Grime Scene” (11:43) Nancy Updike

The This American Life producer spends a couple days riding around L.A. with the professional “Crime Scene Cleaners, specializing in homocides, suicides, and accidental deaths.”

“The Face of White Collar Crime” (7:04) Adam Allington

Mark Morze was a CFO involved in one of the biggest corporate frauds of the 1980s. The company he worked for, ZZZZ Best, was a southern California carpet cleaning business founded by a teenage entrepreneur named Barry Minkow. The two men bilked investors for $100M, by creating a paper trail of fake revenue and phony work orders. Morze served 50 months in Federal Prison for fraud. Now he travels the country educating people about the consequences of white-collar crime. (PRX)

“The Big Death” (1:06 excerpt) Dragnet

Episode 68 (1950-09-28) of this NBC radio police drama series, conceived and produced by Jack Webb, who starred as Sergeant Joe Friday. The series ran September 1949 through February 1957 on radio, and spawned a successful TV series and movies.

“Mugging” (19:06) Jake Warga

Our host takes the saying, “No good deed goes unpunished” to a new level, ending up assaulted, bleeding, and hospitalized.

Music: Belle & Sebastian “Consuelo” Storytelling, Alias “Angel of Solitude (Instrumental)” The Other Side of the Looking Glass, Placebo “Where is My Mind” Placebo, Kodo “Japanese Taiko Drumming” Heartbeat Drummers Of Japan, Princess Mononoke “Taiko Drums” Tatakai no Taiko (The Battle Drums), Wang Yi-Dong “Music For Chinese Drums And Keyboard Percussion” Copper Ideophones Over The Drums.

Jake's eyeglasses with blood on them
Jake’s eyeglasses post-crime.

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