HV109- Musical Memory

Reverand Ruth Shaver singing in churchHearing Voices from NPR®
109 Musical Memory: The Soundtrack of Our Lives
Host: Barrett Golding of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2011-02-02

“Musical Memory” (52:00 mp3):

Selections from Musicians in their own words, from the series Song & Memory (What one song do you remember most from your childhood?), and from the Afterquake project:

“Chef Bourdain” (7:23) Ann Heppermann & Kara Oehler

Song & Memory: Rebel Chef Anthony Bourdain is known for his raucous ways in the world of the professional kitchen, detailed in his book “Kitchen Confidential.” We asked him to put away his pans and think back to when he was a kid — is there a song from childhood that brings it all back? Bourdain can pinpoint his desire sex-drug-rock n’ roll start to a single song: “96 Tears” by ? and the Mysterians. (The Song & Memory series was produced for PRI Weekend America.)

“Trudy & Mr C” (7:20) David Schulman

Musicians in their own words: Trudy Pitts and her husband, drummer Bill “Mr C.” Carney do a first-person duet. Trudy is an unsung hero of the Hammond B-3 electric organ. With her husband, Mr C, they’ve played with the Lionel Hampton, Clark Terry and Pat Martino. Their 50s R&B band, the Hi-Tones, featured a young sax player: name of John Coltrane. Their most rewarding musical partnership, though, is the one they share with each other. (MITOW stories were produced for NPR and are archived at PRX)

“Ghana Emir” (7:07) Ann Heppermann & Kara Oehler

Song & Memory: Mohammed Naseehu Ali is a native of Ghana, the son of the emir, or king, of the Muslims in that African nation. Unlike his brothers and cousins, Ali left Ghana to be educated in the United States. Instead of returning to tribal politics, he became a musician and writer. The song central to his childhood in Ghana is “Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu” by Alhaki K. Frimpong and his Cubano Fiesta.

“All the Lonely People” (3:24) Ann Heppermann & Kara Oehler

Song & Memory: When Kelly Kinsey heard this series on Weekend America, she wrote in say the song that kept her sane during her family’s mental upheavals was The Beatles “Eleanor Rigby.”

“Lang Lang on Brahms” (4:07) David Schulman

Musicians in their own words: In a room across from Carnegie Hall, pianist Lang Lang describes, and sings, how he interprets a Brahms Intermezzo as a cascade of vivid images.

“Family of God” (5:27) Ann Heppermann & Kara Oehler

Song & Memory: Reverend Ruth Shaver is the minister at the United Church of Schellsburg in Pennsylvania. She has faith in the power of prayer, and of song. One of her favorites is “The Family of God” by Bill and Gloria Gaither.

“Monty Alexander: Redemption” (1:30) David Schulman

Musicians in their own words: Jamaican jazz pianist, Monty Alexander, plays an instrumental version of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” Alexander considers this song, of slavery, African-American history, and freedom, “almost like a hymn.”

“Afterquake: China” (9:50) Melissa Block, NPR

Musicians Abigail Washburn and Dave Liang (of the The Shanghai Restoration Project) travel the Sichuan province in China after the devastating 2008 earthquake. For their Afterquake project, they recorded the stories and songs of the surviving children, then mixed them into music compositions. Proceeds from CD sales go to Sichuan Quake Relief (SQR).

All Things Considered host Melissa Block was in Chengdu, China, recording an interview, when the 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck. Her subsequent series of reports won a Peabody Award. She interviews the Afterquake musicians for this NPR story, produced by David Nogueras.

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Listening now & loving it – thank you.

Comment added by sarah in brooklyn on 07.22.12

Just wanted to leave my “Musical Memory.” 20 years old, month long road trip, first time on the Pacific coast, drove from Colorado to Seattle, the coast and on down. Ranier, Olympic Peninsula, Oregon coast, California, Yosemite…listening to Jeff Buckley, Grace for the first time. I listened to it so much that everytime I hear it I am immediately driving into Ranier along the White River again! Really enjoyed the episode!

Comment added by Amanda on 08.03.12

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