HV112- Native America

Hearing Voices from NPR®
112 Native America: Our Nation’s First Nations
Host: Barrett Golding of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2011-03-16

“Native America” (52:00 mp3):

Canoes, horses, poems, and songs in the heart of Native America:

“Driftwood Feelin'” (1996 / 1:40) Henry Real Bird

From the soundtrack, The United States Of Poetry, part of the
USOP project. Music by Tomandandy.

“Nez Perce Trail: Rediscovery” (2001 / 18:56)

A National Geographic / NPR Radio Expeditions: Nez Perce tribal members and Forest Service workers travel the Nez Perce Trail on horseback, looking for lost histories and common ground. Featues Nez Perce elder Horace Axtell. Producer: Carolyn Jensen Chadwick, editor: Christopher Joyce; engineer: Suraya Mohamed.

“Indigenous Angel (feat. Ulali)” (2003 / 1:00 excerpt) RedCloud

From the CD Traveling Circus.

“Crazy Horse” (2002 / 6:01) John Trudell

From the album, Bone Days, by actor, poet, Santee Sioux, musician John Trudell.

“Anchorage” (2006 / 2:32) Joy Harjo

From the poet’s collection, She Had She Some Horses.

“Tribal Journey” (2005 / 11:22) Jesse Boggs

Every year the Canoe Nations of the Northwest boat trip along the Pacific coast, paddling and preserving their traditional culture on the Tribal Journeys. And check HV’s photo-audio webwork: Tribal Journey.

“4R Ancestors” (1996 / 4:31) Keith Secola & The Wild Band Of Indians

From the CD Honor – A Benefit for the Honor the Earth Campaign; and on Kieth Secola’s Wild Band of Indians.

“All My Relations” (1996 / 3:32) Ulali

Also from Honor; and on the Smoke Signals soundtrack. Ulali: MySpace.

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Comments (6)

Dear Sirs,
just listened to the voices of Native Americans HV 112.
I feel gifted and grateful to have found especially this diamond in the npr river that crosses midst of our western radio desert.

Hearing Voices in my 50 year old radio listener ears
are at the greatest and most precious pieces of current radio arts.

Thank you so much. I’ll hear from you.
Truly yours:
Frank Berge
Ruegen Isl./Ger

Comment added by Frank Berge on 03.20.11

Thank you, Hearing Voices. I echo Mr. Berge’s sentiments exactly. Truly beautiful and touching episode.


Comment added by Rebecca L Stubbs on 04.03.11

I listened to this while walking yesterday and felt reunited with finding my roots and knowing the truth spoken here was pure, thank you.


Comment added by Robbin Milne on 11.27.11

This was an exceptional piece, beautiful and moving. Where would one purchase the recordings played in this broadcast? Thank you.

Mark Robson

Comment added by Mark Robson on 08.13.12

What a beautiful piece. I am very moved. I wish we could all respect each other and mother earth. Thank you for all your efforts and for sharing this.


Comment added by Matang Gonzales on 08.16.12

Well done. Heartfelt. Awesome. Good to hear.

Thank you.

Comment added by Fyre Fox on 11.14.22

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