The Yodeler

Boulder MT 9-year-old, Brigid Reedy, may be young, but she can yodel with the best of ’em. Mountain West Voices, a new series by producer Clay Scott, presents a radio portrait of this pre-teen musical tour-de-force, “The Yodeler” (5:00 mp3):

The MtnWVox site has nice photos of Brigid in full yodel, and with the animals on her fam’s farm. While there, check these other series eps: “The Pastor” and “The Returning Warriors.”

Brigid Reedy playing violin

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Hello, my name is Hayley. I am a dedicated year 12 music student at the School Centenary Heights State Hight School, in Toowoomba (Queensland) Australia. As being a vocal student, I have always been interested in various different cultural techniques. But the one that has always interested me the most has been yodeling. For my extensive music extention assignment, I have decided to explore the vocal technique of yodeling, and it would be much appreciated, and extremely helpful if you could take a small part of your time to answer some of my questions- any help at all would be fantastic! I am exploring how difficult it is to perform, and I would like to know how long you have been performing, and how long of that has been professionally, what were the major difficulties in learning, were you a musician before hand, what was easy about mastering the technique, and how do you utilize diffenet organs to create such control of sound (and are there differnt types of sound you produce). If you could answer even just one, that would help me out so much.
Thankyou so much for your time,

Comment added by hayley on 03.04.12

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