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Project Healing Waters logo

Healing Waters- Capn Forseth, US Army {format} {format} 5:53 Barrett Golding

Retired Navy Captain Ed Nicholson is an avid fly-fishermen. He realized fishing would be good therapy for disabled veterans. So he hooked up with Trout Unlimited and the Federation of Fly Fishers, and with private donations and volunteer guides, they began teaching wounded vets, including many amputees, how to fly-fish. Project Healing Waters, now regularly takes vets on these therapeutic fishing outings. Captain Eivind Forseth spent a day catching trout at Rose River Farm in Virginia. [transcript]

Broadcast: Mar 20 2007 on NPR Day to DaySeries: Project Healing Waters Subjects: War, Health, Environment

Bobby Hansson

Tin Can Artist {format} 4:57 Ann Heppermann & Kara Oehler

Bobby Hansson is a phtogrpaher, filmmaker, blacksmith, and tin can artist. He's created an orchestra of musical instruments from them, and other dumpstered materials. They've never been played all together before. Until now, for this radio piece. His book is The Fine Art of the Tin Can: Techniques and Inspirations.

Broadcast: Mar 17 2007 on APM Weekend America Subjects: Art, Music

Entrepreneur / Wormdigger {format} {format} 4:45 Jesse Dukes

Adam Johns is a self-styled entrepreneur. These days, that means digging for bloodworms at thirty cents per, or anything else that makes a quick buck. Wormdigging ain't what it used to be, but his kid's teeth need caps, so, at 5am on a cool Maine morning, off he goes. Produced for the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.

Broadcast: Mar 14 2007 on PRX Nature Stories Podcast; Oct 17 2006 on PRI/WBUR Here and Now Subjects: Environment, Labor, Business

Dancer at Goroka Cultural Show

Papua New Guinea- Goroka {format} {format} 3:00 Skye Rohde

A day at the annual cultural show in Goroka, in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. This is the social event of the year, a swirl of colors and costumes, traditional songs and dances.

Broadcast: Mar 12 2007 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: International, World, Cultural


Dr Murphy- East Timor {format} 5:20 Jake Warga

Indonesia occupied this East Timor for 24 years. The people voted for independence in 1999. Pro-Indonesian militias reacted by terrorizing the population. International peacekeepers eventually brought calm. East Timor became independent in 2002. But most doctors had left East Timor in 1999. But here's an American doctor who's still there. Dr. Dan Murphy runs a health clinic in the capital, Dili.

Broadcast: Mar 5 2007 on PRI/WGBH/BBC The World Subjects: International, Health

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HearVox News {format} [Hearing Voices]

We've got a blog, with vids, music, links, mp3s, radio news and HV inside info.

Broadcast: Mar 1 2007 on HV WebworkSeries: Hearing Voices- News Subjects: Media, Cultural, News

Killer whales breaching in unison (a rare sight). Photo by John Ford.

Blackfish {format} {format} {format} 3:22 Barrett Golding

Dr. John Ford started the Vancouver Aquarium's ORCA-FM live whale broadcast, and is author of the book Killer Whales. He can ID individual Orca pods by their calls. He spends nights on the water, with a hydrophone, an underwater mic, dangling off the side of the boat. Nights, because in the day, it's too noisy. (Photo © John Ford. Music by Jeff Arntsen of Racket Ship.) [transcript]

Broadcast: Feb 28 2007 on PRX Nature Stories Podcast; Dec 20 2004 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Environment, Science

Woman descending cliff

Angel’s Landing {format} {format} {format} 5:10 Scott Carrier

Utah's Zion National Park draws 2.7 million visitors a year, and a major attraction for hearty hikers is a trek along the Grotto trailhead to Angel's Landing. From the banks of the Virgin River, the yellow-and-red sandstone sides of Zion Canyon rise 2,000 feet. It feels like being inside a huge body. The canyon walls are the rib cage spread open and Angel's Landing is like the heart. [transcript]

Broadcast: Feb 14 2007 on PRX Nature Stories Podcast; Jul 6 2006 on NPR Day to Day Subjects: Travel, Environment

Jake in Fedora

Raider of The Lost Ark {format} {format} 8:13 Jake Warga

A modern day quest for the not-so-lost Ark of the Covenant by another Indie (indie producer, that is).

Broadcast: Feb 6 2007 on NPR All Things Considered Subjects: International, Travel, Religious

Bird landing with wings spread (book/CD Cover)

Winged Wildlife in the Arctic {format} {format} {format} 3:35 Jeff Rice

Audio engineer Martyn Stewart describes his experiences recording birds at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Millions of birds sing 24 hours a day there during the breeding season, and the refuge explodes with life -- a sharp contrast to reports by some who hope to drill for oil in the area, who say the refuge is a frozen wasteland. His book/CD is called "Arctic Wings." [transcript]

Broadcast: Jan 31 2007 on PRX Nature Stories Podcast; Oct 26 2006 on NPR Day to DaySeries: Western Soundscape Subjects: Environment, Science