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Coast Guardsman salute at a military cemetery

For the Fallen {format} 54:00 Jay Allison, Barrett Golding, Sound Portraits, Marjorie Van Halteren, Robin Wise & [Hearing Voices]

A public radio special for Memorial Day, Monday May 28 2007. The host is Green Beret and poet Major Robert Schaefer, U.S. Army Special Forces. The hour features voices of veterans remembering their comrades. We hear troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, reading their emails, poems, and journals, as part of the NEA project: Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience. We hear interviews from StoryCorps, essays from This I Believe, and the sounds of a Military Honor Guard, recorded by Charles Lane. And we attend the daily ceremony by Belgian veterans honoring the WWI British soldiers who died defending a small town in western Belgium (produced by Marjorie Van Halteren).

Broadcast: May 28 2007 on HV SpecialSeries: Hearing Voices- Specials Subjects: Family, War, Holidays

Tennyson, Ginsberg, Whitman

Wordshakers {format} 54:00 Alex Caldiero, Scott Carrier, Andrei Codrescu, Barrett Golding, Larry Massett, The Professor, Marjorie Van Halteren & [Hearing Voices]

Poetry Grits Glory Verve in this (((Hearing Voices))) Poetry Month special. Host Hosted by Andrei Codrescu, of NPR and The Exquisite Corpse, featuring: Lord Alfred Tennyson bangs the podium in "The Charge of the Light Brigade." Thomas Edison waxes Walt Whitman's "America." Cheerleaders Chant" a found-poem. Host Andrei Codrescu decontructs his "Poetry." Denise Levertov knows "The Secret." Carl Sandburg wonders "What is Poetry?" (produced by Barrett Golding). Scott Carrier presents the categorical conundrum of "Alex Caldiero- Poet?" Ed Sanders poses "A Question of Fame." Host Codrescu gives a play-by-play of "Poetic Terrorism." DJ Spooky remixes Vladimir Maiakovski. Pre-teen poet Sawyer Shetfs lists "The Sound I Hear at Night." In New Orleans a hot-dog vendor, a barkeep, and a stripper get churned in the "Poetry Combine (produced by Larry Massett). "Soldiers Drill" their found-poem. Jan Kerouac responds to her father's poetry and parenting in "Jan on Jack" (produced by Marjorie Van Halteren). Allen Ginsberg runs a "Personals Ad." Marianne Faithful performs Gregory Corso's "Getting to the Poem." Another poem is found in "Double Dutch Rhymes." Alex Caldiero concludes "Poetry is Wanted Here." And a Phoebe Snow fan helps sing "Poetry Man." More audio, info and links...

Broadcast: Apr 1 2006 on HV SpecialSeries: Hearing Voices- Specials Subjects: Specials, Literature, Historical

Jan Kerouac

Jan & Jack Kerouac {format} 6:57 Marjorie Van Halteren

A father-daughter dialog: Jack Kerouacís daughter Jan, reads her an ode to her rarely seen dad; intertwined with Kerouacís speeches and prose.

Broadcast: Sep 11 2004 on PRI/WNYC Studio 360 Subjects: Family, Literature

Sun over desert

Heat {format} 59:00 Scott Carrier, Jeff Rice, John Rieger, Marjorie Van Halteren & [Hearing Voices]

Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer in this (((Hearing Voices))) special. Hosted by Scott Carrier, featuring: "Dead of Summer" by Marjorie van Halteren & Lou Giansante- A sound-poem of summer in the city and longing for "a ten-cent breeze." "Summer Notes" by Joe Frank- The perfection of family, a crippled man on a blind man's back, and a collective scream: "I'm not dead." "Heat" by Jeff Rice- Tuscon residents on desert heat, including author Charles Bowden, poet Ofelia Zepeda, and composer Steve Roach (who wrote the music). "The Little Heroes" by John Rieger- Covering piano-pulling cats in the summer sun -- the fate of the non-network newsman. "Highway 50" by Scott Carrier- A very hot and very long drive down a lonely stretch of pavement. More audio, info and links...

Broadcast: Jun 1 2003 on HV SpecialSeries: Hearing Voices- Specials Subjects: Specials, Travel, Comedy

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