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Thunderbolt Wisdom

Want an interview w/ Jay Thunderbolt, At-Home Strip Club Manager? Well,

HV053- Ranchers

Life, death, land, livestock; cattle and sheep, wool and meat.

Birds of Britain

Birds are such fascinating, delicate, amazing and downright annoying creatures, from

Burning Men

Trouble ahead: Trouble mounts: Trouble arrives: Just another Saturday night at the compound. 'Course

Scat, Bear

Several age-old questions have long plagued man's mind. Today we discovered


Took this picture of two otters at Trout Lake in Yellowstone

HV065- Cowboy

Nine days with rodeo riders at Cheyenne Frontier Days, Wyoming’s “Daddy of ‘Em All.”


A new movie on MT mtn sheep-herders, " Sweetgrass": An unsentimental elegy

Montana Mitzvah

The NYTImes caught this canine-capitol-Chanukah connection: "Montana Rabbi Lends an

Kagu Calls

EarthEar is back as a CD label and a new blog,

Killer Coyotes?

A HuffPo report: "Two coyotes attacked a promising young musician as she

Bear in Back

Q (at dawn): Why was my dog backing like crazy early