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The Sandpit

A short by Aero Film director Sam OHare. https://vimeo.com/9679622 "The Sandpit," A day

Annai Kaligambal

From the movie Annai Kaligambal (singer/dancer Ramya Krishnan?): via WFMU's Beware of

Cymbal Slowed

A slowed-down cymbal crash at 1K frames/second: Fluke and Propadata Films "teamed

Wanna Be Your Dog

Iggy Pop music interpreted by HOUSE production and casting: A stylized take


Expialidocious is up again. "Guess Who’s Back In Wonderland," sez cut-up

Four Lions

A clip from maybe the world's first "jihadist comedy" film: The flick's


A new movie on MT mtn sheep-herders, " Sweetgrass": An unsentimental elegy

Fling A Ding

From Trent Harris' video travel webisode series Fling A Ding series: FLINGADING

Movie Radio

Ars Technica looks at radio's image thru Hollywood's lens, from Pump

Mtn Music Film

The new movie "The Mountain Music Project" (by HV producer Jack

Common Dream

Common, produced by Will.i.am, sampling Martin Luther King Jr, for the

Slo-mo Ammo

Sez Gizmodo: I can think of no finer way to waste Friday


From Perth, Australia music-movie-masher. Pogo ( space | tube | last


Sez Radio Lab: "After hearing our about moments of death, filmmaker