HV029- Old School

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029 Old School: Back-to-School Special
Host: Katie Davis of Neighborhood Stories
Airs week of: 2012-06-06 (Originally: 2008-09-17)

Old School (53:00 mp3):

Richard Paul follows “School VP,” Asst. Principal Irasema Salcido, through her hectic multi-lingual morning at DC’s Bell Multicultural  High School.

Host Katie Davis finds she “Got Carried.”

Slam poet and  history teacher Taylor Mali schools us on “What Teachers Make” (CD: Conviction | video.)

Producer Hillary Frank gets the shy “Quiet Kids” to speak up.

Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich‘s commencement speech advises  “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen),” with music from filmmaker Baz Luhrman (CD: Something For Everybody), performed by actor Lee Perry, sung by Quindon Tarver).

Host Katie Davis takes her DC summer camp into the wild woods on a “Hike to Rock  Creek,” two blocks from where the kids  live.

And more poems: Meryn Cadell “The Sweater” Angel Food for Thought (video), Jelani “By The Numbers” Angel Food for Thought., and Taylor Mali “Seventh Grade Viking Warrior” Conviction.

Music: Jurassic 5 “Lesson 6: The Lecture” Jurassic 5 EP, Archie Moore’s “Times Table’ With Soul and a Beat” from WFMU Blog- 365 Days Project, Lanterna “Fields” Sands, Sam Cooke “Wonderful World” Greatest Hits.

Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

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Comments (9)

This was a wonderful program–one that reminded me of how much I respect good teachers everywhere.
How can I send a link to this to my niece, who is a teacher?

Comment added by Judy Whiteman on 09.19.08

Thank you for producing this program. I am so grateful to be introduced to Taylor Mali. His words support me and my family’s commitment to the development of minds and hearts and the empowerment of all. He articulates what wealth, value and power really are. They are about the “what for” not the “how much”.

Comment added by Gregg DeMammos on 09.21.08

I was captivated by the show and want a copy of it to play for my grandson. Bravo!

Comment added by Larry Powell on 09.21.08

Terrific program. Especially liked the segment about what teachers make. Will download this program and share it with friends.


Comment added by Al Lee in NY on 09.22.08

Thanks, all, for your comments. Audio for download and podcast of this episode is now up (see above).

Comment added by BG on 09.23.08

i don’t know if you guys could see this.
i really like this program but sometimes got stuck becasue i am not a native english speaker. so, please, if anyone know the way to get the scripts for this program, contact me. i will really really appreciate!

Comment added by David Tao on 09.28.08

David, we don’t have a budget for making transcripts yet. One of these days though.

Comment added by BG on 09.28.08

I don’t see where to get podcast. Can you help?

Comment added by Peter Russell on 06.11.12

HV’s podcast is run by NPR:

(there’s a “Podcast” link in the top-right column, but it’s kinda small, so easy to miss.)

Comment added by HV on 06.12.12

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