HV033- Political People

Election electoral vote maps, 1968-2004Hearing Voices from NPR®
033 Political People: On the Campaign Trail
Host: Barrett Golding of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2010-10-13 (Originally: 2008-10-15)

“Political People” (52:00 mp3):

In 1992 producer Barrett Golding found remnants of Jefferson’s theories and Toqueville’s writings still very much in play, as he followed Montana’s two incumbents US Representatives, one Democrat, one Republican. Due to re-apportionment, they were vying for the state’s one remaining Congressional seat, on a yearlong statewide game of political musical chairs. (Image above-right: Presidential Electoral Vote map, 1968-2008, animated, see full-size here.)

And Jonathan Menjivar documents Harold Washington College and University of Chicago students discussing “Dreams of Democracy” (audible | PRX) part of the WBEZ series Chicago Matters: Our Next Generation.

Original songs by Greg Keeler and instrumental music by Jeff Arntsen of Racket Ship.

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I did not expect to be so deeply moved by the people in this broadcast. I am heartened to hear such thoughtful, intelligent discussions of democracy and the right and responsibility to vote. I appreciate the historical perspective of the founders, interlaced with contemporary issues, such as spotted owls and family farms. I never paid much attention to Montana before and I value the opportunity to appreciate the argument that, maybe, Montana is what the founders had in mind for informed democracy and democratic representation. I came to care for and respect these people in profound ways, and I wasn’t expecting this. The sound mixing is very dynamic and I loved the music, both instrumental and vocal. The songs were much more sophisticated and humorous than I would have expected. I never heard a “Hearing Voices” broadcast from start to finish until today, as I’ve never lived near a station that carried the show. I have to say, if all your broadcasts are this caring, professional, respectful and engaging as this one, “Hearing Voices” will now be one of my favorite radio shows. This close to a midterm election that seems to require screaming, preposterous claims about theologies and misinterpretations of the US Constituition, this broadcast was like cool water on my parched throat. Thank you and best wishes.

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