HV087- Thumb and Thumber

Woman's hand, thumbs up, hitching a rideHearing Voices from NPR®
087 Thumb and Thumber: The Joy of Hitchhiking
Host: Larry Massett of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2011-04-06 (Originally: 2010-03-24)

“Thumb and Thumber” (52:00 mp3):

Is hitchhiking the great American adventure sport or just a risky last resort for folks who can’t come up with bus fare?:

“A Beginner’s Guide to Hitchhiking” (2003 7:12) Jonathan Mitchell

Hitchhiking was once common, These days it’s aquired an aura of danger and desperation. Who wants to take the risk — especially after all those gruesome stories about rapists and serial killers? But occasionally you can still spot some guy stranded on the side of a road, sign out, thumb up, hoping that your car will be his salvation. Is he dangerous? Insane? Or just plain dirty? Maybe we should stop and find out. (PRX)

“’64 aka Go” (2005 3:45 excerpt) Lemon Jelly

The Brit duo (Nick Franglen and Fred Deakin) from their album ’64-’95, with the voice of William Shatner.

“New Shoes” (2002 10:18) Scott Carrier

Hitchhiking cross-country with a telegram for the Dalai Llama, a prayer for compassion from the cops, and half your net worth invested in a pair of high-top sneakers.

“This is a long story about nothing in the end, except dumb luck. Sometimes, luck comes in a deserving fashion to the righteous, sometimes it comes without justice to the wicked, and still other times, it simply falls upon the dumb, like manna from heaven.”

“Phantom 309” (3:23) Red Sovine

The classic country & western ghostly tale of truck driving and hitchhiking=, written by Tommy Faile, from Sovine’s Best Of the Best collection

“The Road” (1983 22:19) Larry Massett

In a battered Olds Delta 88, host Larry Massett heads out with Scott Carrier, driving from New Mexico to Florida, picking up every hitchhiker and stopping at every truck stop and town park they see.

“Rocket 88” (1951 1:35 excerpt) Ike Turner and the Delta Cats

Jackie Brenston sings this seminal rock ‘n’ roll anthem, an old to the Olds 88 engine, off The History of Rhythm and Blues

Above photo courtesy Drozd- Wikimedia Commons.

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Comments (4)

Does anybody know what hip-hop beat is playing at 14m45s when Scott Carrier begins talking about the high-tops he bought upon returning to the states?

Anyways, great show!

Keep it up,


Comment added by Tyler Oderkirk on 03.31.10

Johny Royal by the Beastie Boys off of Paul’s Boutique, I think. Although, they probably sampled it from someone else.

Comment added by Jes on 04.06.10

Loved this episode! I’m inspired enough to maybe give this a try over the summer.

Comment added by Simon Jones on 04.28.10

Re: Phantom 409, the artist is “Red Sovine” as in an ivy vine, not “Red Soveen” as in an ivy league veen. Geez.

Comment added by Inky Powell on 04.09.11

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