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Red Sox Nuts

The Red Sox tie it at 3-3 in the ALCS. Reminds me of 2004 and this vid about their series win, “Red Sox vs. Mastercard:”:

Starring Denis Leary, Paul F. Tompkins, Brendan Small, Eddie Pepitone, Jackie Harris; directed by Russell Bates, from Comedy Central’s Last Laugh.

Mt Blackmore

Up Mount Blackmore the other day, 10,128 ft (Hyalite Range, Gallatin Forest). That’s me, Pogo, and Gus, with Capt. James Ortman workin’ the Nikon. Walked in snow the whole way. At the top guys were skiing. Fall equinox everywhere else, but here high in MT it’s the first taste of winter:

BG and dogs on mountain top in snow

Fly Boys Fishing

The Fly Boys have a new excerpt from their fish-porn film, landing steelhead in BC:

Raising The Ghost (5 Min Cut)

By way of bio: my kid, Jess, be a Fly Boy. And I narrated, tho I’ve no clue what a drake dry fly does. But if you like great river footage and lunker back-country trout, this one’ll catch you hook (light wire up-turned loop eye), line (floating double taper), and sinker (tungsten alloy).

Olympic Medals Map

An interactive (flash) Olympic Medal Count Map/chart/list, from the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens to 2008 in Beijing, on NYTimes.com. Screenshot:
NY Times Olympic Medals- sceenshot

Circles are sized by the number of medals that countries won in summer Olympic Games. Use the slider to view past Olympics, or click on a country to display a list of its medal winners.

via Ben- Comma Q.

Raising the Ghost- trailer

Trailer for new fish film w/ (my kid) Jess Atkins and some great music— “A new fly fishing documentary, ‘Raising the Ghost,” chronicles 7 epic days of fly fishing in a remote region of British Columbia’s Skeena River system. The Fly Boys team attempts to catch Steelhead eating dead-drift dry flies.”

LB Grand Prix- NPR

The ethanol-injected Noise comes burning down the NPR airways today on Day to Day. Joe Skyward and myself capture the sounds of engines, drivers, and fans at this year’s Long Beach Grand Prix, an ocean-side street race with top pro race-car drivers from around the globe. One-hundred-and-eighty thousand aficionados around a two mile course of Fast & Loud in downtown LB — 186mph avg and 200+ on the straightaways.

Here’s the long version, “Long Beach Grand Prix 2008” (6:16 mp3):

Driver in Champ Car
Driver in an open-wheel, open-cockpit Champ Car.

400 Fish

C’mon, bait your line. Let’s go smelt fishin’ on the ice. Ten shacks on a frozen river are filled with ice fishermen for ten weeks each year. Owner Steve Leighton provides the bait; his patrons bring the beer; and the fish take care of the rest. Produced by Grant Fuller of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, premiered on Weekend America, “What Are You Gonna Do with 400 Fish?” (5:13 mp3):

While you’re listening, check the photos of Sarah Breul, also of SALT, who tagged along to Leighton’s Smelt Camp on the Abagadasset River in Bowdinham, Maine, and took these Image of Ice Fishing…
Fishing camps on river Bucket of smelt Fishig camps at night © Sarah Breul

Above effect is the Anura photo gallery (beta 2) script by Eric Puidokas. Tell us if it’s working for ya…

Bill Heinz

AP Photo: Bill Heinz at typewriterWilfrid Charles Heinz, sportswriter and M*A*S*H co-author, passed away at 93. Sez WSJ: “Bill Heinz Was a Writer to Relish.” A memorable W. C. Heinz excerpt:

There were 39,827 people there and they had paid $342,497 to be there and when Graziano’s head came up out of the dugout they rose and made their sound. The place was filled with it and it came from far off and then he was moving quickly down beneath this ceiling of sound, between the two long walls of faces, turned toward him and yellow in the artificial light and shouting things, mouths open, eyes wide, into the ring where, in one of the most brutal fights ever seen in New York, Zale dropped him once and he dropped Zale once before, in the sixth round, Zale suddenly, with a right to the body and left to the head, knocked him out.
–The Day of the Fight, 1947

Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

Day 1 of the Iditarod is tomorrow. One of the qualifying races was held a few weeks ago, is the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon, named for the son of a Chippewa chief who delivered mail by dog sled along Lake Superior’s rugged North Shore in the late 19th century. Launched in 1981, the Beargrease draws world-class sled dog teams from around the globe. The Beargrease is the longest, and most challenging, of sled dog events in the lower 48: almost 400 miles and 4000 spectators, starting in Duluth, Minnesota on the last weekend of January. Field-recordist Curt Olson gathered the sounds of the dogs, the mushers and the fans, “Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon” (7:00 mp3):

Curt has more sounds at Track Seventeen. And a shorter version ran on Weekend America with a photo gallery. Keith
(Photo: © Kit Larson) Keith Ali on the trail on the second day of the 2006 Beargrease Sled Dog Race.

be, impressive, be, be, impressive . . .

“Basketball is a wonderful thing for a community because it is a warm place where everyone can go and it isn’t a church or a bar.” – Phil Jackson


Apathy was thick as I approached the theater for a screening of Class C. Five minutes in, I was completely converted. Class C, a documentary film produced by Bozemanite Mark Zetler, follows 5 Montana Class C girls basketball teams as they make their way to the State tournament. Instantly engaging and entertaining, it’s a beautifully crafted story about Montana and basketball; an interview with coaching legend and Montana native Phil Jackson is deftly intertwined. Go out of your way to see it!

Free screening at the Alberta Bair Theater in Billings on February 23rd at 8pm.
Airs on MontanaPBS:
Wednesday February 27th at 8pm
Monday March 3rd at 7pm
More on Class C

Gay Football

Dallas Cowboys stadiumThis was scheduled to run on last Friday’s NPR All Things Con, but got canceled last minute — we’re still not sure why. That’s no reason y’all shouldn’t hear it, tho.

So here’s something for those who think this week’s “Super” ends not in “Tuesday” but in “bowl.” A gay man crosses the line into unexplored fields, “For once in my life I wanted to watch an entire football game intently.” Mark Allen (from his “The Homosexual Brain” blog-post) with “Gays & Football” (2:05 mp3):

Snow Biking

NPR webseries, Biking the Iditarod:

“Jill Homer, of Juneau, Alaska, is training to ride her bicycle in the Iditarod Trail Invitational — 350 miles of wintry pedaling over tough terrain. It’s the same course used by the famous sledding race.”

Her blog: Up in Alaska- Jill’s Subarctic Journal:

“Jill is an Alaska journalist who likes to bicycle in horrendous conditions and eat goldfish crackers and Pepsi for breakfast. Jill records her daily adventures in pictures and words.”

Jill encounters a Juneau native: NPR: Wolf Versus Pug.

Evel Poet

Album coverBig blow-out memorial down the road in Butte last weekend for Evel K, with fireworks, evangelists and thousands of mourners. Leave it to WFMU’s Blog to have Evel Knievel’s LP Always Wear A Helmet with his poem “Why” (5:26 mp3):

Otis Fodder (365 days Project) also has an VIVA KNIEVEL page with intervu clips, some of which he used with his band Bran Flakes on their CD I Don’t Have A Friend. The song is
“Evil Knievel” (2:34 mp3):


Did you know about these things? BASE jumping, or really flying, with a “Wingsuit”:

Evel 1938-2007

Born in Butte, Montana; died in Clearwater, Florida. Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel, Jr., October 17 1938 – November 30 2007:
Everywhere in this world I go
No matter who or what I know’
The people they look and most of them stare
And I wonder if they really care
They see this king with his golden crown
Some of them smile but most of them frown

Each time I was hurt they all said
That guy is lucky that he’s not dead
(And they were right.)
But I wanted to get up and try it again
I kept telling myself that I knew I could win
So I’d close my eyes and to the Lord I would pray
Oh help me God… let me walk someday.

And He did.
Every stitch on every scar
Just brought me closer to my dream afar
To be a man and to do my best
To stand alone is my only quest
Success is a term that has broad use
For you and I to have none in life there is no excuse

For YOU to do what I do is not right
But for ME it’s not wrong
What I’ve been trying to tell you all along
Is that it’s got to be
So, if you wonder why
The answer to that is
That just like you… I gotta be me.

–Evel Knievel, 1974

via Ben- Comma Q.

The Chase Is On

My niece-in-law, Chase Sbicca, has a new blog, Puddles of Thought. So far she’s linked to 4 vids and I’ve liked ’em all (even her fren’s wedding demo): ie, she’s batting 1000. She’s fresh outta Eugene J school w/ a broadcast degree, an encyclopedic knowledge of several major sports, and an interviewing prowess that’s even bent Beckham. Won’t someone give this future TV sports-reporting star a job?