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MaJones- Burma

A Scott Carrier (2006) article in Mother Jones, “Rock the Junta; In Burma, a band of heavy metal Christians speaks of liberty between the lines”:

Burma is a forgotten country. You might have a hard time finding it on a map, and it may not even be called Burma on the map you’re looking at. It might be called Myanmar, as that’s the official name for it now. It’s an extremely fucked-up place, the size of Texas, located between Thailand and India, south of China. For the past 44 years, it’s been cut off from the rest of the world by a junta of xenophobic and superstitious generals calling themselves the State Peace and Development Council. Others call them mendacious assholes and hungry ghosts.

NPR Road Trip

UPDATE: The NPR Road Trip site owner tells us NPR now has their own station-trip tool: NPR: Station Finder.

Found this on the NPR site: NPR Road Trip. It’s a nifty gadget that maps your route and the NPR stations along the way. Mouse over the radio tower icon and you’re presented with call letters, frequency and the approximate broadcast range.

Useful for those who are prone to wandering…

detail of \'NPR Road Trip\'

Beer Medal Map

My bike-tourin’ partner, Josef, suggests we use this map to plot our next trip…

2009 Great American Beer Festival Medal Map
Infographics by Mike Wirth (detail, click for: monster 1M map):

2009 Great American Beer Festival Medal Map- detail

Sahel Sounds

Adfrican musician on the beachGot an email yesterday:

Name: christopher
Subject: field recordings in the sahel
Message: greetings – currently tramping around the desert recording music and sounds. thought something you all might find particularly interesting.


‘Deed I did find the site interesting. Lots of great street and county music from Africa. Like “Mohammad accompanies Boubacar, a Songhai guitarist, in a group in Timbouctou.”

“Boubacar on guitar” (mp3):

Three African guitarists

What: Living and traveling through West Africa along the fringes of the Sahara. Collecting sounds and music in guerilla recordings and unorthodox ethnomusicology.
Place: nouakchott, timbouctou
Tools: zoom h2 recorder and folk guitar

“The traditional music of Fouta is based on the Hoddu; but many traditional ‘universal’ songs have been adapted to the guitar.”

“Tidiane playing Douga” (mp3):

HV Bikin’

We’re on a bike trip right now and for most of June, so things might get a little lonely in these parts for the next few weeks. Never fear tho, we’ll be back by month’s end w/ all kindsa sonic trivia and innovation to post.

FYI, we were pedaling thru the Cascade Mtns in WA, but after getting south of Ranier, we got blocked by a bridge washout and snows still covering the road at 4K and up. So we’re now diverting to the OR coast, which we’ll ride for the reminder of the trip. Then we’ll cut inland to see friends in Ashland OR.

Note: in WA when the Forest Service sez Closed in Winter they sometimes mean Closed till Summer.

Life good on the road, talk at ya soon,
bg of hv

UPDATE: Made it to N. Cali coast. Turning around now and headin’ home (w/ a pretty good case of poison oak). Great ride, cooperative weather, excellent beer (thanks to Jack R Box for his NW selections). Obsessive posting will resume on this blog soon.

Love Life film

In the HV hour All Happy Families we featured our interview with Steve Fugate. Now his story is being told in film, “Love Life: The Tale of Steve Fugate:”

Over the last ten years Steve Fugate has walked over 21,000 miles of the United States, and he has done it all with a sign over his head that reads “Love Life.”

This is the story of why Steve has walked for so long, and the impact he has on the people he meets.

The Love Life Film site has a short video of this work in progress. More info on Steve is at his site, Trail Therapy.

Steve Fugate walking on highway with Love Life sign

HV057- Roof of the World

Prayer flags at alter on mountain, photo: Scott CarrierHearing Voices from NPR®
057 Roof of the World: In the Himalayas
Host: Scott Carrier of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2010-07-07 (Originally: 2009-05-06)

“Roof of the World” (52:00 mp3):

Tibet and Nepal:

“Mount Kailash: Cricling the Center of Creation” (21:00) Scott Carrier

Walking a circuit alongside pilgrims, yaks and yogis, host treks one of the world’s most venerated — and least visited — holy sites, Mount Kailash. Produced for Stories from the Heart of the Land. Scott Carrier teaches Journalism at Utah Valley University in Orem.

“Letter from Siklis,” (28:00) Larry Massett

And we climb to a remote Nepalese town of going up a mountain and back in time. Technical director: Flawn Williams, narrator: Joe Frank.

Tibetans on Mt Kailash, photo: Scott Carrier

More Scott Carrier photos from Mount Kailash…

US Airways Audio

NPR screenshot of interactive map“We lost thrust in both engines… We’re going to be in the Hudson.”
–pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger

The FAA released audio recordings related to the successful river landing of US Airways Flight 1549. Communications are between pilots and air traffic controllers at LaGuardia tower, Teterboro tower, and the New York Tracon (Terminal Radar Approach Control).

Map, transcripts, audio edits at NPR: “FAA Releases Audio From US Airways Crash

FAA Air Traffic Control: USAirways 1549 (AWE1549), January 15, 2009

More Travel Tips

Travel Tips
Contributions to a growing list:

#135 Don’t dismiss warning signs, especially: BEWARE OF MUTTONBIRD HOLES

#136 Sandals are not the best thing to wear for hiking through a tropical forest to grassy, steep ocean cliffs after two days of heavy rain—no matter how much they look like ones Jesus would have worn.

#137 Swim shorts are not the best attire to hike through tropical forests in, some grasses are like razor-blades and if there’s a vine, it most likely will have thorns.

#138 Listening to NPR podcasts on your ipod while hiking around birds that are shrieking “you’re stepping near my nests!” is not a good idea for the other thing you can’t hear them shrieking is “I’m going to dive-bomb you for your trespass while you stumble around on wet grass in sandals near deadly ocean drops!”

#139 Wear a hat, always, especially in countries not fond of ozone but populated with dive-bombing birds (see #135 and #138)

#34 Those most interested in history are those about to become it. Try to take an interest no matter your age.

#156 If you hear “The Gambler” playing, run. Run away. Something is horribly wrong, will be, or ought to be.

#35 Good traveling is making sure you say, “wow, what’s that?” more than “I remember when that was a…

More tips at: Taiwan Travel.

Attacking birds: flickr.

Mother Theresa’s House

[Carmen Delzell lives in Mexico, travels to India, and does occasional audio essays for us. Here’s the first of what we hope will be a series of posts & pix she’s calling the Bag Lady’s Guide to What’s Left of the Planet. This one’s from India…]

Today I took my regular rickshaw to Mother Theresa’s house to see if there was anything I could do to help or just see the poorest of the poor. I was expecting to be horrified by all the suffering but it wasn’t really as bad as I had expected. When I say it wasn’t as bad I mean it wasn’t as bad as the miserable beggars I see everyday on the streets of Delhi and Jaipur. At least at Mother Theresa the people I sat with were clean, comfortable and most of all smiling.

Years ago when I was at Mother Theresa in Calcutta a traveler girl told me that the ladies loved to be touched and hugged and patted. So I did that and I sang to them and I started to dance my version of Bollywood style  movements waving my arms and undulating my hips. They were delighted… all of them old ladies or very brain damaged young women. More…

HV040- Spirit World

Crossroads sign: Spiritualist St and Mediumship WayHearing Voices from NPR®
040 Spirit World: Angels on the Line
Host: Larry Massett of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2010-09-15 (Originally: 2008-12-03)

“Spirit World” (52:00 mp3):

Paranormal sonic-expeditions:

“Alice of the Spirits” (6:07 & 8:07) David Franks

A preacher/prank-caller/audio-artist conjures up a con.

“Ritual Magic” (4:09) Carmen Delzell

Carmen samples some voodoo Santera, soaks in a spirit bath; she prays for sex, adventure, and central heat.

“Cassadega” (2:16) Ceil Muller

Ceil visits the small Florida town known as “The Psychic Center of the World.”

“A Night on Mt. Shasta” (25:04) Larry Massett

Our host hangs out in the new age atmosphere of the California city that sits below the spiritual Mecca of Mount Shasta (4,317 m. / 14,162 ft.).

Photo of the Cassedega intersection signs © Rachael Anne Ryals.

Mt Kailash

A photo-audio-essay gallery of Scott Carrier’s story on Mount Kailash in Tibet, one of the world’s most venerated holy sites.

HV020- The Old Country

Maps of Vietnam, Croatia, and RumaniaHearing Voices from NPR®
020 The Old Country: Back to the Homeland
Host: Neenah Ellis of If I Live to Be 100
Airs week of: 2009-07-29 (Originally: 2008-07-16)

“The Old Country” (52:00 mp3):

Three hearts searching for home:

Going back to Vietnam makes Nguyen Qui Duc realize “Home is Always Somewhere Else,” from Crossing East produced by Dmae Roberts.

Host Neenah Ellis goes looking for her family in Croatia, where “The Old Country is Gone.”

And Andrei Codrescu returns to his Romanian home town and stares into the “Eyes of Sibiu” (produced by Larry Massett.)

Raising the Ghost- trailer

Trailer for new fish film w/ (my kid) Jess Atkins and some great music— “A new fly fishing documentary, ‘Raising the Ghost,” chronicles 7 epic days of fly fishing in a remote region of British Columbia’s Skeena River system. The Fly Boys team attempts to catch Steelhead eating dead-drift dry flies.”