I Seem to Be a Verb

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UPDATED: This twiticism now over, results at bottom. Lotsa Bucky links listed below.

I admit I’m now a twit, but with a twist. Most tweets are rapid and vapid. I’m experimenting with another approach: slow and substantive. Every morn I enter another line from R. Buckminster Fuller’s I Seem to Be a Verb.

Running along the bottom of that book’s pages is a continuing line of text. Those are my daily updates, in 140-character chucks. These Bucky bits aren’t published anywhere (the book’s outta-print), so why not twitter it: You can follow @hearvox or at the bottom of this post.

So far I like how it looks. It builds backwards, i.e., the beginning appears at the bottom on the list. But maybe this ain’t a bad way to steadily deliver discrete parcels of philosophically  dense data.

I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process — an integral function of the universe.
–R. Buckminster Fuller, I Seem to Be a Verb (1970)

New Yorker: “Dymaxion Man” | “Weird Science” (slides)
“Starting with the Universe:” Whitney (NYC) | MCA (Chicago)
Whole Earth: “God is a Verb” | “2025, If…” | “Thoughts
Films: “Thinking Out Loud” | Everything I Know
Bucky Fuller: Institute | Wikiquotes | Dome | Challenge
Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

i seem to be a verb…

  • === the end: Bucky Fuller “I Seem To Be A Verb”; info: http://tinyurl.com/cqv7rn === 26days
  • (Man was designed with legs — not roots) Man can do anything he wants. 26days
  • Coping with the totality of Spaceship Earth and Universe is ahead for all of us. 27days
  • Experiment is always valuable. You can’t learn less. You can always get nearer to the truth. Language can be a block to reality.) 28days
  • Man, as designed, is obviously intended to be a success. Success: not a bad thing to have “hanging over your head.” 29days
  • Political commercial sham false premise institutions will vanish with startling rapidity. 30days
  • Intellectual integrity will win tomorrow’s battles with accelerating inexorability. 31days
  • Humans can now whisper in one another’s ear from anywhere around the world. (Be sure to entertain all your emotions.) 32days
  • Man freed of special case superstition by intellect has had survival potentials multiplied millionsfold. 33days
  • …total man may be going through a total wave of transformation into an entirely new relationship with the universe. 34days
  • Possession is becoming progressively burdensome, wasteful, obsolete,… 35days
  • Within 10 years anything reasonably think-upable by science fiction will probably have been realized. 36days
  • Least favorable environment for study is schoolroom and closely-packed desk prisons. Real schoolhouse is in the home and outdoors. 38days
  • Ages 0 to 4 are biggest “school” opportunity. Child is trim tab of the future. 38days
  • Human being has great potentiality, but many wires get disconnected. 39days
  • Every child is born a genius: Ninety-nine percent are degeniused by early post-natal circumstances. 41days
  • Scientist are utterly irresponsible regarding pro-vs.-anti social disposition of “eggs” they lay in the laboratories. 41days
  • Artists are now being recognized as extraordinarily important to human society. 43days
  • …it is approximately impossible for world society to comprehend that changes in next 30 years will be far greater than in last 100 years. 44days
  • We are living in a world where change is normal. Because prime evolutionary transformations are invisible,… 46days
  • World society is operating almost exclusively in inaudible nonvisible area of physical universe. 47days
  • Nature doesn’t have separate departments of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics. 47days
  • Nature always does things in simplest most efficient way. All nature is based on triangles. 48days
  • …by making him feel that in return he is in a socially culturally preferred, ergo, highly-secure, life-long position. 50days
  • Specialization is only a fancy form of slavery wherein the “expert” is fooled into accepting his slavery… 51days
  • Automation has made man obsolete as physical production and control specialist — just in time. 52days
  • Automation can produce wealth beyond all our needs and dreams. (We’ve always had automation. What’s happening to your lunch?) 52days
  • …– a slave automaton. (By 1975 China may be most impressively modern nation, highly automated.) 54days
  • Evolution is apparently intent that man fulfill a much greater destiny than that of being simple muscle and reflex machine… 54days
  • …computer’s superhuman range of calculative capabilities can and may all political scientific religious leaders face-savingly acquiesce. 56days
  • It could and probably will be provided by the utterly impersonal problem solutions of man’s antibody, the computer. Only the… 57days
  • New, physically uncompromised metaphysical initiative of unbiased integrity could unify world. 58days
  • To each of us environment is everything that isn’t “me.” 58days
  • …but all the important critical events realizing that revolution just happens. Only the impossible happens. Probability unreliable. 59days
  • Greatest single revolution in human affairs has been ascendancy of intellect’s intuitive mastery over the physical… 60days
  • Thinking is the consciously disciplined separation of relevant feedback from irrelevant feedback. 62days
  • Mind discovery generalized patterns apparently governing all special case experiences. 62days
  • Intelligence should be recognized as a global resource. Brain stores retrieves special case experiences. 64days
  • (If you can produce it, you can afford it. If you can’t produce it, you can’t afford it.) 65days
  • Design science, invention revolution could elevate poverty to haveness. 66days
  • Every time we use real wealth it increases. Intellect must increase wealth to eliminate poverty. 67days
  • Real wealth — indestructible, without practical limits — is combination of physical energy and human intellect. 68days
  • Basic you-or-me-not-enough-for-both-ergo-someone-must-die tenets of class warfaring are extinct. 69days
  • Malthus is wrong. There is enough to go around. 69days
  • War over population hunger disease would cease to exist if “haves” devoted larger share of their industrial budget to world livingry. 72days
  • …increasing population at ever higher standards of living than any human minority single individual has known or dreamed of. 73days
  • …of world’s comprehensive resources, rendering those resources capable of supporting one hundred per cent of humanity’s… 73days
  • World’s prime vital problem: How to triple swiftly safely satisfyingly overall performance realizations per pounds kilowatts manhours… 74days
  • Greatest fact of century: We can make life on earth general success for all people. 76days
  • All the fundamental problems are world problems. Man knows so much does so little. 77days
  • Weaponry has always been accorded priority over livingry. Only two alternatives — Utopia or Oblivion. 77days
  • Each human is a whole universe. We have 28,000 pounds of explosives for each human being on earth. 78days
  • Theirs will be the most powerful constructive revolution in history. Earth is a very small spaceship. We are all astronauts. 79days
  • Today’s students, reared by television, “the third parent,” think world. They think demand justice for all humanity with no exceptions. 81days
  • Half-century of subconsciously developing world revolution is crossing threshold into human consciousness and ultimate popular support. 81days
  • Politicians are always realistically maneuvering for the next election. They are obsolete as fundamental problem-solvers. 82days
  • Either man is obsolete or war is. War is the ultimate tool of politics. Political leaders look out only for their own side. 83days
  • Society neither hears nor sees the great changes going on. 84days

—R. Buckminster Fuller

I Seem To Be a Verb

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Brilliant! Thank you for this.

Comment added by shifra on 03.31.09

how did i miss this? brilliant. i’m going to find that book somehow.

Comment added by ann on 08.23.09

Thank you so much for this. Why is this complete extract so hard to get hold of?!

Comment added by Lisa Lovebucket on 10.30.13

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