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HV122- Prisoner of Zion

Scott Carrier presents his stories on religious fundamentalism, from Afghanistan and America, 2001-2011.

Prisoner of Zion

Scott Carrier new e-book is out, Prisoner of Zion. It's available

Voice Power

Excellent essay on "The Power of Voice" by Siobhan McHugh. She

HV107- Strange Days

Paul Bowles: writer/outsider, Coyle & Sharp: men-on-the-street, and Ayahuasca tourism.

HV069- Pen to Paper

Scott Carrier’s sound-portrait of writer Charles Bowden, and Susan Stamberg on Isak Dinesen.

The Moth

Producer Jay Allison on the new pubradio series PRX » The

Ode to Techies

Author Laura Munson posted this ode to "Techies" on her These

Joe Frank FB

Sure Facebook sux. But it has its moments; and many of

Reality Radio

A new new book out, Reality Radio: Telling True Stories in

Joe Frank Facebook

[Fresh from Joe Franks's Facebook page, reprinted by permission…] Across the alley

Common Dream

Common, produced by Will.i.am, sampling Martin Luther King Jr, for the

Keitai Shosetsu

Keitai is Japenese for cell-phone, shōsetsu for novel; so keitai shōsetsu