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Tahrir Storify

"Voices from Tahrir", a Storify list of sources, resources, sounds, inspirations,

HV128- Prisoners of War

Four American soldiers share their WWII experiences, before, during, and after their time in a German POW camp.

HV122- Prisoner of Zion

Scott Carrier presents his stories on religious fundamentalism, from Afghanistan and America, 2001-2011.

Prisoner of Zion

Scott Carrier new e-book is out, Prisoner of Zion. It's available

HV063- Lincoln Monument

For Lincoln’s birthday bicentennial year and Independence Day, stories of Old Abe and a Civil War.

HV059- War Memorial

For Memorial Day, two stories recorded in Vietnam, one after the war, one during.

Assignment Afghanistan

Assignment Afghanistan: Writer/photographer Elliott Woods gathered some devastating sounds & stories

US Army Afghan Xmas

The voices of Sergeant Wallace Trahan, Sergeant Aaron Kelly, Sergeant Zachary

HV104- Vet Vox

For Veterans Day, Vietnam, Korean, and WWII vets, and active-duty troops in Iraq.

War & Peace

This tune is transfixing: "War & Peace" Music and Words concept