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HV116- Homeless

The voices of people who were or are living on the streets.

HV022- Mushroom Cloud

Documents of our changing perceptions of weapons of mass destruction.

HV100- Stories of Transformation

Two audio diaries: a street kid wises up and a person born in the wrong body.

Maccabeats Miracle

By 2011.12.24 tags: , , , . Comment»

Light 'em up, folks, it's a g-ddam "Miracle", more Hanukkah harmonies

HV039- Portrait of a Plague

For AIDS Awareness Day.

HV123- Cystic Fibrosis

Audio diaries document a decade of life with CF, a chronic, often deadly, genetic disease.

HV114- Psychological

Three diagnoses: Depression, Amnesia, Mental Breakdown.

US Army Afghan Xmas

The voices of Sergeant Wallace Trahan, Sergeant Aaron Kelly, Sergeant Zachary

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