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HV094- Working with Studs

A tribute to to the great broadcaster and author Studs Terkel (1912-2008).

Paul Simon: Ready For Christmas

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Paul Simon is offering a free download of "Getting Ready For

Langston Hughes Blues

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"I tried to write poems like the songs they sang on

HV068- Jean Shepherd 2

The final hour of a two-part tribute to radio raconteur Jean Shepherd, produced by Harry Shearer for KCRW.

HV067- Jean Shepherd 1

Hour one of Harry Shearer’s two-part tribute to the great radio raconteur.

Wandering Jew Fragments

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Work by: Barrett Golding

My audio album, Fragments, is back up on iTunes -- they

Interviewing 3.0

Interviewing tips from pubradio pros, compiled by Virtuoso Voices.

Be A Frog

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Heard this morn on KGLT, a new Flaming Lips silly song

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