HV080- Elvis Aaron Presley

Elvis, with guitar and gyration, live at the Louisiana HayrideHearing Voices from NPR®
080 Elvis Aaron Presley: Birthday Party
Host: Barrett Golding of Hearing Voices
Airs week of: 2011-01-05 (Originally: 2010-01-06)

“Elvis Aaron Presley” (52:00 mp3):

Elvis Presley (born Jan 8 1935 Tupelo, Mississippi; died Aug 16 1977 Memphis, Tennessee), a 75th Birthday Party fit for a King, with fans, friends, religion and rockin’:

“Elvis 75 (excerpts) Joyride Media

Interviews from the Elvis archives, and new ones with Gordon Stoker of The Jordanaires (Elvis’ backup singers) and Elvis friends (aka, Memphis Mafia) Jerry Schilling and Patty Parry. Produced by Paul Chuffo and Joshua Jackson of Joyride Media, for the Sony Elvis 75 project, which has more music and interviews. Also check Joyride’s other Elvis hours: The Early Years, In Memphis, and He Touched Me- Elvis Gospel Music.

Good Rockin’ Tonight(excerpt) Elvis Presley

From 1954, the second Sun Records release by Elvis Presley. Taken from the box Elvis 75 – Good Rockin’ Tonight

“Elvis Cop” (5:36) Adam Allington

Chuck Denault is a Police Officer for the small town of Kittery, Maine. He has two passions;: Serving the community he lives in and being the best possible Elvis Impersonator he can be. In April of 2003 the producer went for a squad car ride-along for some behind the scenes aspects of law enforcement and Elvis.

“That’s Alright Mama” (excerpt) Elvis Presley

In August 1954 Elvis performed his brand new single on the Louisiana Hayride. Taken from the collection The Legend Begins.

“Elvis Fans” (excerpts) Elvis Presley

“Elvis Fans’ Comments/Opening Riff” and “Elvis Fans’ Comments III” from 1977 Elvis In Concert.

“Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Laughing version)” (2:53) Elvis Presley

Special Bonus Track on the 1982 collection Hitstory- The Story Continues.

“Gillian Welch- ‘Elvis Presley Blues'” (2:45) Musicians in their Own Words

The singer expounds her biographical song “Elvis Presley Blues”. Producer by David Schulman for MITOW series (site | NPR | PRX).

“I Got a Woman” (excerpt) Elvis Presley

His on-stage intro to the song, 1977 Elvis In Concert.

“Baby King” (excerpts) The Residents

“Blue Suede Shoes” and the five-part allegorical “Baby King” story from the 1989 tribute, The King & Eye.

“Music Highway: Searching for Elvis” (8:34) Long Haul Productions

Conversations with Elvis worshipers. pilgrims going to Graceland on Highway 40. From Dan Collison & Elizabeth Meister 1997 series Bus Stories.

“Chocalate Elvis” (excerpt) Tosca

Elvis electronica from Tosca‘s 1989 Opera CD.

“Elvis Everywhere” (3:41) Kronos Quartet

On-stage impersonators mix with classical stringed instruments, from the Kronos compilation Released 1985-1995 / Unreleased, composed by Michael Daugherty.

“Norman, Like Elvis” (1:19) Scott Carrier

Norman, from Ocean City, Maryland, “sings like Elvis and all that”.

“Elvis’ Father” (0:52) Elvis Presley

From “Closing Riff- Special Message From Elvis’ Father”, a track on Elvis In Concert.

“Merry Christmas Elvis” (2:31) Michele Cody

A 1978 song-poem found at UbuWeb’s 365 Days Project.

“Strung Out King” (2:57) Go Home Productions

Mark Vidler mashes up an on-stage meltdown with music by The Farm, their song “Steppin’ Stone”.

“Elvis is Everywhere” (excerpt) Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper

Mojo & Skid’s Bo-Day-Shus!!! 1987 classic.

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Comments (6)

I was 1 of >27,000 who saw Elvis in concert at the Cotton Bowl stadium on 11 Oct 1956.
The opening act was Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

It was ~2 weeks before my 13th birthday.
I was too young to really appreciate the experience; but, it set up one of my conversation starter set piece ‘?What was your first rock concert? Needless to say, my 1st rock concert tops all.

I appreciate Elvis more today than I did post the British Invasion, 1963.

As Gavin Rossdale wrote in ‘Everything Zen’: ‘I don’t believe that Elvis is dead .’

Long live rock ‘n roll.

Comment added by jbx on 01.09.10

i listened to this program about elvis on wduq.com out of pittsburgh pa which i enjoyed very much
is this program available on cd for purchase?
thank you johnoshany@gmail.com

Comment added by john oshany on 01.10.10

John, glad you liked. we don’t have rights to sell, only to broadcast and podcast. The audio is now posted above.

Comment added by BG on 01.11.10

One of THE best edited audio stories I have ever heard. From the impersonators to the pilgrimages to Graceland, to his soulful Love Me Tender – this story covers the life of Elvis like I have NEVER heard before. Amazing.

Comment added by Emily on 01.11.10

Great idea but Buddy Holly did not open for Elvis at the Cotton Bowl. There was also only 1 7 p.m. show–not two as some have reported. Little tidbits about Elvis need to be right. lol

Comment added by kay wheeler on 10.11.11

[…] Presley, born 75 years ago today: Jan 8 1935 Tupelo, Mississippi. HV has an on-air 75th Birthday Party and these Elvis […]

Pingback added by Elvis 75th : HearVox on 04.13.12

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